We use only the latest technology In your eye exam in Miami

We use only the latest technology In your eye exam in Miami


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Science & Technology is always advancing in this modern era. Medical science is not out of this progress. Rather the progress is growing rapidly in the field of medical technology that any other part of science. Day by day, various kinds of diseases and are increasing rapidly. In the current world 1 man in every 5 suffers from various kinds of illness even from different deadly diseases. As the diseases cannot be easily recovered so the medical consultant, scientist and doctors have no time to treat their patients orthodoxy. The specialists should be kept their researching in improving their medicines and invent new methods of treatment to recover the deadly diseases. Doctors should be always kept themselves updated with the new methods of cures. Check out the latest eye care technology at Eyetrust Vision, Miami, Brickell, Miami Beach, South Beach, and Coconut Grove.

There occurs a big change in eye care technology, as eyes are the most valuable and most sensitive part of a human. And this sensitive part can be easily affected by poisonous dirt’s and thousands of deadly viruses. So eye exam is very much important for a person. Our vision starts losing its power as s our age flows. So I always advice every grown up man and the child that have eye problems not to be late and contact and Eyetrust Vision.

At Eyetrust vision, we have two kinds of specialists, ophthalmologists and optometrists. The ophthalmologists are the licensed specialist to preform surgery with eye contact lenses, various eye wears and sunglasses. Though the optometrists are skilled and experienced to serve the patient with both prescribed eye wears and eye drops and minor surgery.

We treat our patients with various eye exams. And the exam varies to children and the grownups. Normally we use an eye chart at the very first step. And if needed then we take several tests on eyes. The tests are retinoscopy, refraction, autorefractors, aberrometers, cover test, slit-lamp examination, tonometry etc. Also our eye doctors will suggest you to select the best contact lenses and sunglasses that will help you to cure your diseases and also protect your eyes from various dusts and rays.

Come on Eyetrust Vision and be familiar with our latest technology of eye caring and curing. And It’s very important to find an eye doctor you trust in Miami, Downtown Miami, Miami Beach or Coconut Grove, that’s why we make it easy for you to come and see the eye doctor.

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