How does Vision Difficulties effect our life

How does Vision Difficulties effect our life

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Astigmatism: Astigmatism is the other kind of eye diseases. If you have some problems with cornea then you might be affected with astigmatism. This disease cause blurry, fuzzy or distorted vision. Normally this disease change the way light is passed to retina. As a result retina can’t be able to make the image of that object in our mind. For this we become unable to see or the things we are seeing may become blurry. The main cause of this disease is genetics. You will be suffered from astigmatism if any one of your family are suffering from the same disease or suffered previously. Also it caused by some unprescribed eye tests, ignorance to caring of eye or if your eyes hit by something.

Symptoms : Normally if you ignore your eyes to take care of it then the cornea will simply be in a problem . If you have the problem from your childhood that got from genetics then your eyes won’t be able to see any objects or things near and far. You will hardly see the things at night, have a bad headache, eyestrain or squinting. If you have these problems in your vision then point that you are suffering from astigmatism and you need to checkup your eyes and consult with a doctor immediately.

Remedy: If your child is suffering from this disease then take it to the eye care centre or to a prescribed eye specialist. There they will check up the Childs eye and will examine the reportcarefully.Sometimes the ophthalmologist suggests taking various eye surgeries at several times. Don’t worry the tests won’t affect your child. After completing the surgery the specialist may recommend you to use prescribed sun glasses or eye contact lenses. They may also prescribe you with eye drops as antidote. Simply follow the instruction of your doc and your child will be cured. If a grown up person is suffering from this disease then as an eye specialist I will recommend him to take a great care of his eyes and suggest with the doctors. Normally if you take care of your eyes then you will remain safe and your vision will be healthy.

Presbyopia: You may be seen that sometimes you can’t be able to see or target an object or things that is near to you or it is taking some times to point at the object or see that. If you are facing with this problem several times then you have been suffering from presbyopia. In this problem, normally our eyes take some times to make the image of the object that is closest to us. When an object or a thing through lights to our eyes firstly it passes through the cornea and then cross the pupil. The iris, that colored ring in our eye opens and closes the pupils to adjust the amount of light passing through it. It then passes through the lens. In its healthiest state, the lens changes shape so it can bend the rays further and focus them on the retina at the back of the eye. Only then we become able to see the thing. As we are growing up and as more as our age is flowing, we start losing the flexibility of iris that can’t change shapes easily and finally the lens become unable to through the light of the object to retina and create the image.

Symptoms: Generally you may get a bad headache and strain in your eyes if you do close read and work. If you have presbyopia then you won’t be able to read small prints, will need brighter lights to read or see things than normal, squinting or you may need to hold an object to o very close to your eyes to see that.

Remedy: Contact eye specialists as soon as possible. Though there is no cure exits for presbyopia, there are several alternatives available for you to prevent it and less the effect of it. Depending on your lifestyles and eye condition, you can choose contact lenses, eye tests and surgeries to correct your vision. Also you can use reading glasses to solve the problem of reading books or newspapers. And also be very selective in choosing a reading glass. Choose the glass as you’re our choice and benefits. If this non-prescription does not do well for your eyes then you will need to consult with an eye specialist and may test your eyes. Don’t be worried about that. Problem is yours and it is your responsibility to take necessary steps to cure your eyes. It is seen that the people that have high blood or low blood pressure are afraid of diagnose their eyes. But there is nothing to be feared. Depend on your doctor and its duty of us to give you our 100% best and cure your eyes.

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