There is something in my eye, eye inflammation and what to do

There is something in my eye, eye inflammation and what to do

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Foreign object : A foreign object in your eye is something that enters the eye from outside the body. It can be anything—from a particle of dust to a metal shard—that does not naturally belong there. Its the most common eye problems of all. Normally when you are walking on a busy road or in a market or playing on a playground then simply some kinds of dust and particles can enter into your eyes. 00It may also cause for eyelashes, dried mucus, saw dust, dirt, sand, cosmetics etc. When a foreign object enters your eye, it will most likely affect the cornea or the conjunctiva. Foreign objects can cause abrasions, or scratches, on your cornea. These injuries usually are minor. However, some types of foreign objects can cause infection or damage your vision. A foreign object that lands on the front part of the eye cannot get lost behind the eyeball.

Symptoms : If you have foreign objects into your eyes then you will face with some several experiences. You will feel pressure on your eyes or it will seem that you are feeling discomfort in seeing things or objects that are near and far. You will have pain in your eyes and normally you will realize that something is into your eyes. Your eyes may turn into red and if the problem becomes serious then it will turn into blood red color. Also you may have extreme tear and blinking if you have foreign objects into your eyes.

Remedy : As the foreign objects can be entered into your eyes from outside so you always need to be very careful while walking on the road, market and playing on the ground. You may use sunglass or normal eye glasses to protect your eyes from dusts and particles. Also walk on the safe side of the road where there is no dusts. If you have foreign objects in your eyes then restrict eye movement,Bandage the eye using a clean cloth or gauze, If the object is too large to allow for a bandage, cover the eye with a paper cup, The uninjured eye also should be covered. This will help prevent eye movement in the affected eye. If you suspect you have a foreign object in your eye, it is important to initiate treatment promptly to avoid infection and the possibility of damaged vision. Contact your physician if the foreign object in your eye has conditions that warrant emergency treatment.

Eyelid Inflammation: The folds of skin that cover your eyes are called eyelids. Your eyelids protect your eyes from external debris and injury. Your eyelids contain hairs (eyelashes) in small hair follicles on the edge of the lids. These follicles contain oil glands, which can become irritated and inflame your eyelid. Inflammation of the eyelash follicles is also called blepharitis. Experts aren’t sure exactly what causes eyelid inflammation. However, certain factors may make it more likely to develop such as having dandruff and scalp, allergies, allergic reactions, medication side effects etc. Although one of these factors is enough to trigger inflammation, several factors may be present at the time of diagnosis.

Symptoms: Symptoms of eyelid inflammation are very noticeable because they irritate your eyes and may affect your vision. They may include intense itching, swollen, red or inflamed eyelids, burning sensation in the eyes, oily eyelids, crust on your eyelashes or the corners of your eyes etc. Since these are also symptoms of a serious eye infection, they should be treated as an emergency. See your doctor right away if you have any of these symptoms.

Remedy : A general practitioner or an eye doctor can diagnose eyelid inflammation. A physical examination of your eye is usually enough to diagnose the condition. However, your doctor may want to check your eyes for the presence of bacteria, fungi, or viruses to see if you have an infection. In this case, your doctor will take a sample of any fluid seeping from your eyes, and examine it under a microscope. Besides washing your eyelids gently with a warm towel, you may need to take other measures to clean your eyes and reduce the inflammation. Your treatment will depend on whether an infection is causing your inflammation.

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