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Keratoconus explained

When the cornea covering the iris and pupil changes into a cone-like shape instead of its normal round shape and it begins to thin, this is an eye disorder called keratoconus. With this eye disease vision is impacted negatively – the cone-shaped cornea bends light when it is entering the eye as it attempts to…
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If you have ever noticed debris or tiny dots or specks in front of your eyes that practically appear like lint, you have seen floaters. Normally, the tiny dots that crop up in your field of view are harmless. You can see them better against a blue sky or a blank, light colored wall. What…
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Best eye care in South Florida and same day glasses

#1 in Miami, Miami Beach, Coconut Grove, South Beach, Downtown Miami, Coral Gables Contact lens prescription length may vary, but regardless of the expiration date, an annual eye exam is always recommended to ensure the health of your eyes. You’ll get all the same great benefits of an exam for eyeglasses, but a contact lens…
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