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Intraocular pressure is the cause behind several types of eye disorders that fall under the umbrella category of Glaucoma. In increased pressure inside the eye can cause serious damage to the optic nerve within the eye. The nerve is responsible for the transmission of visual data that is interpreted by the brain. The first indication…
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GP Lenses (Gas Permeable)

Gas Permeable contacts, sometimes called GP lenses, Rigid Gas Permeable lenses or RGP lenses, are crafted out of compounds containing silicone. The lenses are hard, but they allow for oxygen to move through them and reach the surface of the eye, thereby allowing the eyes “breathing room.” These lenses have several advantages when directly compared…
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How does Vision Difficulties effect our life

#1 Eye Doctor in Miami, Miami Beach, and surrounding areas Astigmatism: Astigmatism is the other kind of eye diseases. If you have some problems with cornea then you might be affected with astigmatism. This disease cause blurry, fuzzy or distorted vision. Normally this disease change the way light is passed to retina. As a result…
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