Eyeglass Frames for Men

Eyeglass Frames for Men

When it comes to eyeglasses, the majority of men prefer frames offering durability, good fit, and a high comfort level.  Of course, style is also important, but many men are not willing to forego comfort for the sake of remaining true to today’s styles.

Frame Fit & Comfort

If you’re a man seeking good fitting and comfortable frames, you can follow these tips below to ensure you find the perfect pair of eyeglass frames to suit your individual style and taste:

Temples Fitting: The temples, when referencing eyeglasses, actually refers to the part of the eyeglasses that are level with the temples and that extend past each ear.  You want to make sure the temples do not fit too tightly, as this will prove uncomfortable, and therefore should seek out frames that are not excessively wide, but at least wide enough to fit your face with comfort.  The frame’s edges will extend just beyond your face when the glasses are on and if you have a good fit, the handles on the frames should not squeeze tight against the temples.

Another issue you must consider with temples is that each side is long enough to ensure a comfortable fit.  Frames are often crafted with temples of varying lengths.  Therefore, if you discover a frame that you really want, you can request to have longer or shorter temples added in some cases.  A good temple fit includes the fact that the curvature rests over the ear, but also doesn’t push down on the backside of it.

Nosepiece:  The portion of the glasses featuring two small metal pieces fitted with nose pads crafted of clear silicone needs to fit the face comfortably.  If the nose pads are too tight, it can rub your skin raw and leave large red indentations on your face when you remove the glasses.  This feature is adjustable and the eye specialist can help ensure you have a good fit.  Alternatively, some glasses are crafted without nose pads at all, but such frames need to rest securely on your nose without sliding off or pinching the skin at the bridge of your nose.

Once your glasses are ready for pick up, you will need to try them on and test the fit.  Place the glasses on your face, move your head from left to right and up and down – this will demonstrate whether the glasses fit securely or not.  If the temples fit correctly and the nose pads are properly adjusted, you are assured lasting comfort while wearing your eyeglasses.

Strength & Durability

The type of metal you choose for your eyeglass frames plays a role in the durability of your choice.  The most durable metals include memory metal, stainless steel, or titanium frames.  Memory metal is ultra flexible and is an alloy with a titanium base.  If you bend frames made of memory metal, they bend back into place.  Alternatively, both stainless steel and Titanium eyeglass frames are more durable than alternative metals options.

Eyeglasses & Men’s Fashion Trends

Eyeglass frames for men have been trending toward five popular styles.  Most recently, men are looking for frames with classic sizes and shapes with a modern flare.  Take a look at some of the following trends as an example:

Trend #1: Men seeking a retro hip eyeglass frames option are option for frames made out of comfortable, light, and durable plastics.  Some of the options come in vibrant colors, and it’s even possible to get frames that look like those from the ‘50s fashions.  Layers of laminated colors ensure an unsurpassed originality factor.

Trend #2: Men are sometimes opting for frames that are bigger and bolder than standard eyeglass frames – this is definitely a way to make a fashion statement.  The larger glasses are perfectly suited to larger men the best.

Trend #3: Double brow bar and aviator style glasses are currently the rage, and have demonstrated a serious resurgence in terms of their popularity. These types of glasses are available in pare-down sizes, an array of materials, and fresh, bright colors.

Trend #4: Semi- rimless and rimless glasses are ideal for men seeking a simple, but sophisticated look.  Ideal for the minimalist, these glasses have lenses fitted into place with a thin wire or screw.  If you get these frames with a lens featuring anti-reflective properties, they diminish the appearance of the glasses on the face almost entirely.


Trend #5:  For the man who prefers durability, the non-corrosive, lightweight, and colorful frame options available in titanium metal cannot be beat.

Are You Ready for a Frame Change?

Time for a new look? In need of new frames?  We encourage you to visit us today – we’ll introduce you to fashionable men’s eyeglass frames that will offer lasting comfort and impressive style.



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