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Matthew Chrycy

Progressive Lenses

Sometimes called PALs, progressive contact lenses are a type of multifocal lens. The product is quite popular in the US. PALs are also called the no-line bifocals, and they multifocal lenses offer an exceptional vision alternative for people who require two or more lens powers in order to correct vision issues. Rather than having to…
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Intraocular pressure is the cause behind several types of eye disorders that fall under the umbrella category of Glaucoma. In increased pressure inside the eye can cause serious damage to the optic nerve within the eye. The nerve is responsible for the transmission of visual data that is interpreted by the brain. The first indication…
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Contact Lens Examination

Contact lenses offer more convenience for many people who require corrective vision wear, and are in fact, preferred over traditional eyeglasses. If you are interested in getting contact lenses, you will need an examination and fitting. Here is what you can expect when you visit the eye specialist to discuss the possibility of contact lens…
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Eye Exams for Children

Parents often have a lot of questions related to their children and necessary eye care, including whether or not a pre-schooler has vision difficulties. Parents also wonder when they should bring children to visit an eye specialist. It really goes without saying that regular eye examinations are of extreme importance to your child to ensure…
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Lens Options for Eyeglasses

Anyone who wears glasses covets lighter and thinner frames over heavy cumbersome frames. It is possible to make high index eyeglass lenses as much as 50% thinner than lenses made of plastic or traditional glass, and the wearer will commonly find such glasses are lighter to wear. The light index lens material is more visually…
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Low Vision Aids

Thankfully, there are tools available that make things easier for the visually impaired. The tools one uses to process and write e-mails, help in viewing the screen of one’s PC, or a person can use the tools for dealing with daily activities like reading. What’s more, there are now software programs capable of making print…
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Age-Related Macular Degeneration

Macular degeneration is a condition that is known by many references, including all of the following: ARMD, AMD, and age-related macular degeneration. The eye condition is age-related and affects the retina located on the back of the interior of the eye. The retina is light-sensitive. The most sensitive part of this portion of the eye…
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Low Vision & Ways to Cope

If you are experiencing a reduction in your ability to see, either due to a field of view that has become incomplete or you have vision that is 20/70 or worse leading to blurry vision – this condition is identified as “Low Vision.”  When you have low vision, such issues cannot be completely remedied with…
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Vision over 60

When you age, both physical strength and your vision may decline. Once you are 60 or older, you may have a considerable decline in vision. The decline in your vision may have nothing to do with an eye disease or condition, but instead has everything to do with the natural effects of aging; For instance,…
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